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Northwest Technologies was founded in 1999 by Eric Sale and his wife, Doreen. It started with Eric's desire to own a business, followed by the purchase of a laser and the leasing of a shop. Over the years the company has grown to employ over 100 people along with the addition of state-of-the art equipment including new lasers, CNC press brakes, shears, punch presses, mills and lathes. NWT operates in 6 buildings totaling over 100,000 square feet of ever expanding manufacturing space and is the parent company of Northwest Innovators powdercoating services.

Eric and Doreen love people. They share a vision for employee empowerment, family stability, and community impact and have a passion to equip all employees for success. Through involvement and engagement, they foster a strong work community and work to raise their own family in building moral character; teaching them to delight in God's blessings and to obediently respond to what He has called them to do. Eric is passionate about learning, growing and getting better - being a better dad, leader, mentor and role model. The Sale family desires to continue leading the charge in fighting abuse through programs and organizations such as Compassion Connect and ARMS in order to show what God's love really looks like.

Where We're From

Eric grew up in Portland, and received his Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration from Warner Pacific College in 1998. When Eric was 16 years old he started working as a floor sweeper at a local metal manufacturer. He eventually moved to machine operator, truck driver, accounting, and then to manager of the laser division of that same company.
In 1999, Eric started Northwest Technologies with one customer in a shop near Estacada, Oregon. He purchased a 3000 watt ByStar Bystronic laser machine, leased a 7,200 square foot shop space, and hired one employee. Eric split his time between office work and deliveries, while the other employee split his time between office work and running the laser machine. His wife, Doreen, did the accounting.
By August of 2000, another employee was added to run the laser machine full-time. Within three years, Northwest Technologies was leasing the entire building and had grown. From the outset, Eric and Doreen made the decision to expand NWT's capabilities, as customers' needs changed, so over time more employees and machinery were added. Eric's philosophy was to grow the business by diversifying in multiple industries. This also protected the company so that if one industry were to decline, NWT would still be strong in other markets.       

In 2005, a 20,000 square foot building was built in the new Estacada Industrial Park and the business was moved to its present location at 1150 NW Park Avenue. Second and third lasers, both 5200 watt ByStar Laser Machines, were added in 2006. By the end of 2006, a 10,000 square foot building was added to NWT's location and an additional near-by building was purchased. NWT was ranked #12 by the Portland Business Journal as one of the 100 fastest growing private companies in Oregon. Ranked by the percentage of growth, NWT's revenues grew 227%, from $3.3 million in 2005, to $6.1 million in 2006. In June 2008, NWT was ranked #29 with revenues growing to 127% over a two year period.

This growth pattern continued despite the recession, with the lease of a fourth building in 2009. Eric and Doreen opened Northwest Innovators in Clackamas in 2010; a sister company which specializes in sandblasting and powder coating and now has 12 employees. The Estacada location was a constant buzz of activity in 2013, with the expansion of the machine shop and the purchase of a new 6000-Watt Bystronic ByStar Laser.

In 2014, a 2,000 square foot office space was added in a nearby building. In May of 2015 a 30,000 square foot fabrication shop with a 10,000 square foot covered loading and staging area was completed. 

In December of 2015 we expanded our equipment line with the BySprint Fiber 6000 laser, complete with the ByTrans high-speed material loading/unloading system. The BySprint Fiber 6000 laser is an Eco-Friendly machine which allows for lower maintenance costs. Adding this reliable and robust resource to our facility allows us to remain a solid source for the supply chain of many customers nationwide.

Where We're Going

Today, NWT is running two shifts, five days a week, and employs over 100 people. NWT has acquired the latest in advanced technology and has developed the resources necessary to exceed its customer's expectations. NWT devotes substantial resources to support and continuously develop these competitive advantages. Meeting customers’ needs is our number one priority.

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