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What's in a motto?

What's in a motto?

"We don't just make parts, we make a difference."

If you had to define them, mottos and slogans are phrases that serve as marketing tools used to draw consumers to a product or service. Just Do It, I’m Lovin’ It, A Diamond is Forever. These are all recognizable mottos that are memorable, share a key benefit, leave a positive feeling, and differentiate the brand. These coined phrases often target the subconscious, leave lasting impressions on our consuming habits and affect how we perceive a brand or service. Quick, can you list every item on a McDonald’s menu? Actually, don’t answer that. But I’ll bet you knew their slogan even if I hadn’t listed it. Ba-da-ba-ba-ba…

If you were to dissect NWT’s motto, you’d find that it’s more than just a catch phrase. It uses nine words that are direct, to the point and tell who we are - not just what we do. There’s no sublimity here either, just the truth.

“… we make a difference.”

The second half goes like this, “… we make a difference.” There is tremendous value in having intentional and positive relationships with those we partner with that are outside our campus walls. Aside from manufacturing parts, we naturally gravitate toward organizations like Compassion ConnectARMS (Abuse Recovery Ministry & Services), and the Portland Rescue Mission. We recognize the beauty in utilizing our skills and service to help others in the community and not just in the industry.

“We don’t just make parts,”

The first half of our motto is self-explanatory. We make parts. For everybody? No. For anybody? No again. We have developed an Ideal Customer Profile that acts as a great vetting tool. It saves us, and the customer, time as it quickly removes the threat of “capability ambiguity” many companies offer, which does no favors for the industry we love and serve.

There are many companies in need of manufacturing solutions who can easily align themselves with our motto. But, are they a good fit for NWT? There is a way to be sure: take a look at our About Page to see our mission, vision, and values. Then, check out our Ideal Customer Profile to see where you fit. We can’t promise to be the fix-all solution for your manufacturing needs, but we aim to make a difference, and not just with parts.

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