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NWT hosts Manufacturing Day

NWT hosts Manufacturing Day

Even though Manufacturing Day 2017 was officially held on October 6th, Northwest Technologies hosted this event for Estacada High School on the 31st. That’s right, Halloween!

Students rolled off the bus looking to make sense of the multiple buildings that house our talented team. You wouldn’t believe how many locals drive by the industrial campus every day without a clue as to what actually goes on here. Joined by their teacher, Glenn Ludlam, Matt Lorenzen from the city of Estacada, and the Estacada High principal, Bill Blevins, we set off to get an up close and personal experience on what it takes to be a rockstar in the metal manufacturing industry.

Throughout the course of the interactive tour, some employees took a moment to share the importance of their role in manufacturing as well as share the equipment and technology they work with. Students were guided through the step-by-step process we take once an order is placed by the customer.

As the tour continued, the conversation went from technology and services to discussing the skills needed to be successful in the industry. Students shared that they think it takes a strong work ethic and solid interpersonal skills to pull off the smallest and largest of jobs. Wise words from young minds. Everyone agreed that education was key and a major part in any position. In fact, a lead NWT fabricator chimed in and mentioned that math concepts such as geometry and trigonometry play a vital role in even the basic understandings of manufacturing. He went on to say that nothing can compete with on-the-job training and immersing yourself in the work to learn as much as you can – which is exactly what he did as he went on to become our certified weld inspector.

Students shared that they think it takes a strong work ethic and solid interpersonal skills to pull off the smallest and largest of jobs.

The tour ended with students assembling parts that went through all the toured processes including Laser, Forming, Machining, and Fabrication. As they were working away, we held a final Q&A session. Only this time it was about their future. We discussed how manufacturing is continuing to be on the rise and skilled workers are in high demand. In an age where a 4-year degree is the default choice for most graduates, students are aware that a combination of high tuition costs, impending debt, and lack of ROI promise for their degree has more and more graduates gravitating toward the trades.

SWAG the students assembled after the tour

As they lined up to load the bus, one student leaned over to me, shook my hand and thanked me. He then said, “Now, this is my kind of work. You’ll be hearing from me soon.” This was a sophomore in high school and his passion was undeniable. Needless to say, this passion further fueled the fire within us to continue to invest in our community. We know we’re making a difference.

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