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The problem the internet gave us

The problem the internet gave us

When you hear of a company in a small town growing exponentially over the course of a few years, you may think of a web-based business with a strong social platform. It’s quite ironic that this post is the very thing that explains how good old fashioned word of mouth referrals can lead a small shop housing a laser to an industrial campus working in almost every industry imaginable.

In a day where opinions can be instantly shared freely on social media in multiple platforms, it’s apparent that people truly enjoy sharing their thoughts on any topic, especially when it comes to where they spend their money. So, when a company grows at this rate based solely on a primitive referral process, you know something’s up. How, then, is this expansion possible without your typical social marketing efforts? We have found that it boils down to 3 fundamental characteristics that can be embraced in any industry and by any company if they are willing.

1. Address a need:

After all, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” We identified a void in the manufacturing industry and many companies have come to the rescue. Seems like a solution, but it's actually the problem. This has created a vacuum that has turned a buyer’s job into an absolute nightmare. Frequently required to write up multiple orders, companies are often forced to hire up to 5 or 6 vendors to achieve one final assembly. Northwest Technologies exists to consolidate and streamline efforts in order to move product from design to delivery without the headache of worrying about which parts come from what company.

2. Be the best:

Confidence is key; execution is crucial. This means hiring the best and making sure you take care of your employees and their families. Of our five core values, Family Happiness is number one. Why? Because we know that at the heart of every employee is the determination to be successful not only in the workplace but especially at home with the family. We are a team of professionals who are legitimately happy to work hard because we know that our efforts are valued as much as the families we go home to every day.

3. Maintain excellence:

Quite possibly the most difficult of the three as many factors go into this. You can only grow at the rate you allow yourself to grow. Being disciplined enough to stay true to your core values while flexible and willing to move and/or expand to where the market requires is not only commendable but critical for growth.

Companies that embrace these basic principles are not as tightly bound by the problem the internet has given our culture, and that is the need to constantly feed the hungry masses with new information to digest. Northwest Technologies wants to change how we approach business, challenge the status quo, and be a pioneer and thought leader in the industry. We don’t need to be social or have a blog to address a need. We don’t need to make marketing videos, share inspiring stories, showcase new technology, or provide you with the latest in industry news in order to be the best and maintain excellence. But, it is a journey we want to embark on simply because we are committed to further living up to our motto: “We don’t just make parts, we make a difference."

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