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Northwest Technologies
                                       NWT laser cutting

Laser Cutting

We have the capability to make parts that are repeatable and accurate to +/-0.010" on most common materials. Whether it's a simple blank or a job that requires intricate artwork and lettering, our multiple lasers allow us to process large production runs efficiently and get the finished product in your hands faster.

NWT's Bystronic Fiber 6000 with the ByTrans sheetloader has increased our speed and capacity for all material types and can process Stainless and Aluminum to 1-1/4" thick  and Mild Steel to 1" thick. Our 6000-Watt Bystronic ByStar can process Mild Steel and Stainless up to 1" thick and Aluminum up to 5/8" thick.  Contact us today for a quote!

NWT's Laser Cutting Service provides: 

  • Three Bystronic lasers with in house sheet capacity of 80"x160"
  • Lower Costs from Less Scrap
  • Enhanced Consistency from Part to Part
  • Cleaner Cutting
  • Special Fixturing of Prefabricated Parts
  • Etching on Most Materials

NWT pipe, tank, and skid assembly

Advanced Fabrication

If you need build-to-print or a custom design, NWT has wide range of fabrication experience and a broad base of fabrication abilities which allow us to offer you the right solution. Our fully integrated facility has processing capabilities that allow us to handle every aspect of your fabrication needs from the components to assemblies. Every component, weldment, and assembly is the highest quality and the closest tolerance. NWT can handle fabrication orders that other companies walk away from.

NWT's Advanced Fabrication Service provides:

  • Production and Assembly
  • Custom Built Orders
  • Handling of Finishing Requirements
NWT haas machine


NWT provides full-service, precision CNC machining capabilities including vertical CNC milling, CNC lathe work, and manual milling. Because we specialize in close-tolerance CNC work in steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, and other materials, we can offer full-production machining in most metals and alloys in any volume you need.

NWT cnc pressbrake

Forming & Rolling

NWT offers hydraulic, multi-axis press brakes that are designed to provide our customers continuous production and consistent accuracy for their value-added metal forming needs. NWT's Bystronic PR series press brakes with pressure reference and IPC springback compensation technologies deliver accurate, "first-time" bends regardless of variation or material quality. This technology is engineered to deliver a better bend in less time at lengths of up to 14' and 350 tons. All our press brakes are outfitted with Wila Tooling, and Die Pro is available for finish parts made from Aluminum and Stainless.

  • (2) Bystronic Expert 150 ton 10 foot bed
  • Bystronic Expert 350 ton 14 foot bed
  • Bystronic Expert 80
  • Amada RG 80, 80 ton 8 foot bed
  • Cincinnati 350 ton 12 foot bed

Rolling is a process that is offered as part of a larger fabrication.

  • Amerecon 6 foot roll, 10 gauge max with 5” rollers
  • Lemas 5 foot roll, 1/4” max with 6” rollers
  • Jet 4 foot roll, 16 gauge max with 3” rollers

NWT Welding


With 40,000 square feet of dedicated fabrication space under one roof, NWT offers a broad line of precision TIG welders, arc welders, and MIG welders to ensure that you have the very best joining solution when it comes to achieving specifications for your value-added metal fabrication needs.

  • 20 Welding Cells with Full Fabrication Machinery
  • Certified MIG and TIG Welding Services
  • Carbon Steel, Stainless steel, and Aluminum
  • Five 50' x 200' Welding Bays with 10 ton Overhead Cranes
  • LED overhead lighting for efficiency and optimal visibility
NWT painting


NWT offers finishing services to handle the most demanding projects or the simplest deburring operations. We offer tumbling with ceramic, plastic, or steel media and rust-inhibiting coatings as well as several types of media to remove burrs on parts. Ask us for a finishing sample!

Because we offer wet paint and powder coating services in house, we know surface preparation is key to the condition of the finish; the end finish is only as good as the surface to which it's applied. Sandblasting the surface of your material prior to coating provides an excellent surface for adhering the powder coating. Sandblasting also increases the adhesion and durability of the finish. Our blast system uses garnet media to remove the old finish, metal oxides, or manufacturing by-products that remain on the metal to ensure that you final product is as clean and presentable as possible.



We have a wide range of programs to offer compatibility with your favorite software for fabrication and design purposes. We use SolidWorks, AutoCad, and MasterCam. All programs are IGES, DXF, and DWG compatible, so working with your files in other programs is a breeze!



NWT makes every effort to ensure your parts reach you on time and in the best condition possible. We support this goal by utilizing our NWT trucks to transport parts to and from vendors and clients throughout Portland and the Pacific Northwest, with deliveries to Hood River, Salem, Bend, Tri-Cities, and the Seattle-Tacoma area. Additionally, we work with external freight services to transport parts nationally and internationally.

Pick-up and delivery services are available throughout the Pacific Northwest. We are also happy to ship or receive material on our truck or via your favorite transportation company. Your delivery schedule is our top priority!

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